Foreign player

Here is a page for english speaking person !


We have a leisure training on monday 7pm to 9pm which is perfect to begin ultimate frisbee. We mainly play game and have 1-2 exercice before in order to warm up and improve. Everyone is welcome.
Place : gymnasium S1 or field 17 depend on the period of year (between october and may it’s in the gymnasium) and out of this period if the weather is bad we also go in the gymnasium, contact Gatien ( if you want more information.

We also have a more competitive training on wednesday 07:00pm to 09:30pm.
Place : field 16


Please take a white and a dark color jersey.
If you want to come on monday, from may to october take outdoor AND indoor shoes.

When training is on field 16 or 17, the changing room and water access are far so don’t forget to take water, people use to change clothes on side of the field or before.


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